September 21, 2016 Anna Lowe

SMARTIFY partners with Accessible Art Fair

SMARTIFY partners with Accessible Art Fair – Brussels

SMARTIFY is a London-based social enterprise whose mission is to enrich visits to art venues by creating meaningful connections with the artworks. We use the fastest image recognition technology and augmented reality to allow viewers to scan artworks and access engaging audio and video commentary, and also create a personal gallery.

We’re thrilled to announce we have partnered with the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels (22-25 September 2016).

Accessible Art Fair provides a platform for artists and designers, and makes them accessible to a discerning audience. As part of the 2016 fair, SMARTIFY will enhance the audience experience by  allowing visitors to get more up-close and personal with the works, and offer personal insights about the artwork from the artists themselves. Using SMARTIFY, visitors can scan the artwork and get access to audio interviews and narratives created for the AAF as well as save them on their personal gallery on their phone.

For more information on Accessible Art Fair, visit the website here.

by Anna Lowe

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